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Virtual Business Training isn't the standard cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all training.

We cut to the chase. You wouldn't expect a literature course to begin with a review of the alphabet. Similarly, we think there are some business basics that should be researched and completed on your own. These include things like general industry research, city/county/state business licenses, business structure, accounting and health insurance options. But we'll take it from there.

Through our unique style of training, you will:

  • Get off the information roller coaster and learn the Top 10 things every emerging VA needs to have, know and do.
  • Take a hard look at your skills, strengths and weaknesses to define your business niche.
  • Determine your target market and create materials geared to that market.
  • Put a value on your services and make sure you're charging what you're worth.
  • Create a website to market your services on the world wide web.
  • Work through a series of client exercises designed to make sure you are prepared to work virtually.
  • Learn how to balance the demands of multiple clients and handle difficult clients.
  • Evaluate software requirements and determine what to invest in immediately and what can wait.
  • Learn the tools of the trade for converting and sharing documents and files.

The cost for the 10 week program is $850 USD. Students receive:

  • Group and Individual Instruction, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Assistance with Marketing Materials
  • Presentations from Industry Colleagues
  • Business Forms
  • eBook
  • Extensive Reference Library resources
  • 'Client' Exercises and Interaction
  • Directory Listing (upon completion of program requirements)
  • Virtual Business Trained logo for website

Students that complete program requirements will be listed in our directory and will be entitled to receive client referrals.

"I actually feel as though I know what needs to be done now and I truly did not feel confident before, even after all the other training I have received. This is truly a testament to you and your ability to get right to the heart of what matters most. Knowing what kind of information needs to be discussed and what specific work needs to be done by VAs to get a business up and running ASAP is critical. Thank you very much!" V.L.



Why VBT?         Our Team         Curriculum         FAQs         Links         Requirements         Find a VA

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